On formation, and as volunteers, soldiers within The Parachute Regiment kept their original cap badges or wore the Army Air Corps Eagle. General FAM "Boy" Browning was keen that the Paras had their own identity and designed a cap badge for them that was a direct copy of the ‘parachute wings’ issued to qualified parachutists.

However, according to correspondence from "Boy" held in the Airborne Assault archives, the design was altered on the orders of C-in-C Home Forces - "very much against our will" - as "heraldically it was not good at all".

The resultant redesigned badge was considered too "German" by the Paras, but they were overruled and the badge forced on them. Unfortunately, there are no details in the archive as to who C-in-C Home Forces got to redesign the badge at the time.

However, the badge was issued to units in the UK and moulds were sent out to troops in theatre to melt down the metal and mould their new badge. Once worn in combat, the badge became popular and synonymous with the Paras and is still worn today.

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